Wednesday, January 9, 2013

9/365: What's for breakfast?

"9/365 Western style scrambled eggs. It's what's for breakfast!"

I'm on a breakfast kick.  I've been having a scrambled egg "Western Omelette" and I'm loving it.  Sometimes with toast and jam, sometimes without.  Always cooked well done.  

I've been thinking it would be good in a warmed tortilla with a little salsa on top too.  Breakfast has always been hard for me since I'm not a morning person.  

I've got waffle batter in the fridge for tomorrow.  We recently bought the waffle iron that was recommended by CI.  I have to say it does a great job.  I'm pretty excited for waffles tomorrow morning.  After that, I'm out of ideas.

 It doesn't have to be on the go, because I'm trying to get up earlier so I can just eat and relax with a cup of coffee.  I'm in a much better mood during the day when I take the time to do this.

What do you all have for breakfast? 


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