Friday, December 31, 2010

Baba's Bread Pudding

John's Baba used to make this. His dad is in town for a few weeks so I made some for him. I hope he will like it.
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Well this puts a fine point on the end of the year.

I'm at the doctors office and I'm not happy about it either.
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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Leave it to the Florida girl to decide to make chili now that it is getting warm outside!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yes it is still freezing here.

I say that if it is going be this cold we should at least get some snow to play with!!


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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Picture a Day

Well I'm not promising anything... But seeing how I sure do take a lot of pictures and now I have figured out how to post them from my phone... I'm going to give this a whirl.

Mother Nature didn't get the memo that this is FLORIDA... Again.

Dontcha just love this picture!  I love what the ice crystals did to the sunshine!  So pretty!


PS - I'm going to go back in time and put some pictures up too!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Decade

Christmas is over and for the most part it was drama free.  Thank you God!

I received some nice things and exactly what I wanted, plus was surprised too which is always a good thing.  More importantly to me, I was able to give some things.  They were homemade, but most everyone seemed to appreciate the time and effort that went into making them.  It would be so much easier for us to write a check or go to the store and pick up a gift, but money was tight this year so we baked.  This is what we made and distributed to friends and family:

Christmas Mice
Cream cheese filled Oatmeal Raisin Whoopie pies
Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sugar cookies with sprinkles and dots
Pecan rolo pretzels
Pretzel rolo pretzels
Mojo de Ajo
Cranberry almond white chocolate bark

We had planned to make more or bake cakes etc... but that just didn't happen.  I think Christmas was a success this year because:

I put a tree up (Next year I would like for us to put it up together and maybe get a real one)
I was able to find and give enough things to make me feel good
I received surprises. (I guess I love surprises!)
I sent out Christmas cards (Even if they weren't embellished)
There was no family drama.  Everyone was perfect!!
I got to spend Christmas morning watching Zoe & Zane opening gifts again
We had a fantastic meal with both families
I made a VERY yummy rub/paste for the rib roast

These things about Christmas did not make me very happy, and I'd like to improve them next year:

I left the ribs to the rib roast on the counter, so I had to throw them away instead of making yummy soup! :(
I remembered at the last minute that John had to work until late on Christmas Eve and it upset me a lot
I mostly got all the gifts together myself
I filled John's stocking at the last minute
I finished wrapping presents at the last minute

All in all I can't complain.  I'm a very happy camper!

How was your Christmas?? 

How are you going to ring in the new decade?


One of my surprises:

Baby it's cold outside!

Yes... This is Charlene from FLORIDA. I'd like our warmer weather back please. TYVM.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Purple Leather Jacket

I am really digging this jacket. It is marked down to $45 at Dillards. Hoping they will mark it down a bit more. I'd love to own it!
Its also a teeny bit snug... So maybe by the time they mark it down again.. I will have lost a few pounds?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning

Here are some pictures of how I spent Christmas Morning:

Mmmmm Coffee

Zane posing for a picture

Zoe posing with a napkin on her head.  Silly Goose!

They opened their stockings, now waiting patiently for breakfast!

Finally we can open our gifts!

The big reveal!  Just what we asked Santa for!

Zoe:  I want to ride it!  Zane:  I want to put my lollypops in the basket!

Ready to go!


I can do this too!

Helping daddy put on the bell

Hangin with mama!

Special thanks to my sister and BIL for letting me share Christmas morning with them again this year since John had to work!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Bummer

I was enjoying the 'W' family Christmas but really missing my husband. He made it just as we were sitting down to eat. You can bet that turned this frown upside down!

Christmas Gifts

In my family since there are now 7 grandchildren/nieces and nephews, we decided quite a few years ago that the adults would draw names. That worked out well, but now that times are tighter, for the past two years we've added a new wrinkle.

You draw a name, and you can get that person anything you want, as long as it comes from your home (something you already have) or you make it.

The idea is that you don't have to go out and spend money. It's worked out pretty fantastic for the most part.

This year my grandmother picked my name and she gave me a sweet little box filled with about 8 shot glasses that my grandfather had purchased from Eastern Airlines when he worked for them over 50 years ago. She wrapped them in some of her delicate, gorgeous hankies that I have always loved. A true treasure for sure!

My brother got John's name, and my brother has been honing his woodworking skills on the tools that he inherited after my grandfather passed away. He made my brother a wooden sign that says "John's Cafe" with a little pot with steam coming off of it. It is really beautiful!

John and I both made various baked goods for our giftees and added some little trinkets that we had laying around.

I think everyone was pretty pleased with how things turned out. I know I am!!  I also like how it makes it more about each other and less about trying to out-buy someone.

How do you guys deal with Christmas gifting in your family?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Yes *I* put it up. I hope that *we* will put it up next year. I have to admit it does feel more like Christmas with the tree up.


White Mice - For Chrismouse

I'm pretty bah humbug when it comes to Christmas.  I guess it's mostly because I hate all the garbage that comes along with the holidays.  The planning, the parties, the commitments blah blah blah...

It really doesn't help when you don't have money to spend on gifts for people, when you really, really want to.

We have 20 nieces and nephews plus 3 great nieces/nephews in the family and even if we only gave them each $10 it would still be $230... that's a lot of dough for us right now.

I was talking to Summer, and she suggested that I make something... I was like yeah but...blah... and she's like what about those mice that you made a few years ago.  Those were so cute, and the kids would really get a kick out of them...  So she inspired me.  To wit:

Mice en Place (har har har) (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Mice - First dip

Mice - Second dip plus ears

Cute little meeses

Mischief of mice!

Ready for packaging