Friday, February 15, 2008

Frustration - from

February 15


I'm so annoyed because I want to move all of my blogging stuff to one place. I still haven't found the best place yet. I'd like to think this is, but the fact that it won't

let me change the date on a post annoys the hell out of me.

I received my first Avon order today. There were like 4 people in the office that ordered. I'm only doing this cause I buy the stuff and it is convenient, plus cheaper for me.

I'm watching "In the womb" right now on national geographic. What an exceptional program.

Unfortunately, i also reminds me that I am 36 and still childless

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Why is it - from

Why is it...

That when someone tells me I can not or should not do something, I can think of doing nothing else but that.

Just to piss them off.

So thats how my day is going. How is yours?


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Valentines Day part 5 - The end - from

Valentines Day part 5 - The end.

The day was salvaged. We ate incrediby well, apologies were made, grape martinis* were had along with an excellent bottle of cabernet.

Let me just say that Has got the most amazing food.

We enjoyed two south african lobster tails (well worth the price, WELL worth it.), scallops and mashed potatoes and we were VERY happy. Better that I didn't

have to cook :-) Not that I dont like cooking, mind you... Theres just something really special about someone cooking for you.


*No more drinking multiple martinis on a school night if you know what I mean.... Mmmmkkkkaaayyy? (holds head)

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day part 4 - from

February 14

Valentines Day part 4

Well things are looking up. My roses are opening nicely... My boss hasnt fired me yet, and im leaving here to see ms. Smarty pants in 10 mins.


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Valentines Day part 3 from

Valentines Day part 3

Well I knew it was too good to be true. Lunch was good and its been downhill from there. A goof up at work and sensitive tears do not make for a good day :-(

This usually happens when I try too hard.

Moderation has really never been my bag.

Time for a brand new bag....


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Valentines Day part 1 & 2

Valentines Day part 1 & 2

This day started off so so.

It has turned Fabulous. I am looking at 18 gorgeous roses. I got a very nice email. I got an unexpected card and godiva chocolate and jewelry (nice!) from my boss - which has mostly made up for not winning the lottery. Im having lobster for dinner.

I'm all smiles. Stay tuned!


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


February 13


I have like a billion things in my mind that I want to write about but I haven't found the time, so i'm making notes.

Today, I want to say that I've decided that I need to pull myself together and get some things in order. I need to do something different.

I cant seem to focus sometimes. A lot of the time. More of the time than I'd like to admit out loud.

This has got to stop.

I am one of those people who gets something in her head and goes with it... for the last two years it's been... not in a good way.

It is affecting a major part of my life now, and I have to get a grip on it.


We're going to dinner at The Shack tonight. We were supposed to have pulled pork sandwiches, but we both had crappy days, so we're going out.

I'm fine with that.


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Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog home

I'm still looking for a most comfortable home for my blog... for right now they are here...


Sunday, February 10, 2008

HBDTM - from

February 10


Happy Birthday to me.

My birthday celebration officially kicked off on Friday. I had flowers and cake and people at work sung HBD to me. It was wunnerful.

Friday night, we went out with a friend and checked out a new martini bar . It was very cool inside and the martinis were fantastic. I had a few... One French martini and two Surfer Dude martinis. Then we went to On Tap Cafe where I proceeded to eat something and have a dirty martini with bombay sapphire.

Yesterday I had Mom, Dad, and the two miniatures from O-town; Miss Sweet Pea and the Huggy Kisser spend the night.

Today, Dad fixed breakfast for everyone with veggies from the garden omelets and lots of bacon! Mmmmm bacon.

Now Dad is taking the Huggy Kisser fishing and Mom and I are taking Miss Sweet Pea to visit Grammie Darling and then We're going to do my favorite thing... go shopping!!!

Tonight... dinner at Chart House with my very good friend!

Tra la la la.


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Fun Stuff - from

I'm really bummed, I don' t know how to transfer this post!

Read my visual DNA and 1996 Theme song


Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Happy Birthday Song

February 07

The Happy Birthday Song

Seeing how today is my nephew's birthday and my birthday is just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time for a Birthday related PSA.

Did you know when you wash your hands, you should wash them for about 20 seconds according to the CDSC (

This amounts to how long it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song twice.

I love that.

I'm doing it.

Plus I like singing Happy Birthday to myself.

It is my favorite holiday you know!


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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wow - From

February 06


There are still ways to outsmart a computer.

Yay for me.

I'm having my own little happy party right now.

Yes, I think I have earned my new nickname at work "Miss Silver Lining"


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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Fat Snook - The Review - From

February 02

The Fat Snook - The Review

In case any of you are in cocoa beach someday and wander by The Fat Snook, I thought I might share my experience with you.

I called around 2pm on Friday and made reservations for two. We wanted them at 8:30, but they didn't have anything available until 9, so 9 it was.

When we arrived there were only two tables that weren't taken. There are only like 12 tables in the place... plus about 6 seats at the bar.

We ordered appetizers... Tuna Carpaccio with mooli salad and Peppercorn bacon wrapped scallops with Raspberry Paint.

The tuna was perfect. Slightly seared and dressed with spicy sesame oil and a little rice wine vinegar. The mooli salad seemed to be made up with julienned daikon, cucumber and scallion. VERY tasty. Here is a link to a recipe ( ) that I think would be similar to what we had last night.

The scallops were my favorite of the entire evening. Even though they were smallish, they were very flavorful. I liked the peppercorn bacon, which was very crispy. The raspberry paint (which was raspberry coulis) absolutely made the dish though. It was unsweetened pureed raspberries. Mmmmm. You can see a picture of the scallops, tuna and some of their other dishes here

I would have been happy with having a few more scallops and calling it a night... but no. We ordered a glass of the house pinot grigio, which was delicious. My friend also ordered a Stella Artois.

The salads came next. The caesar salad had a true caesar dressing. I'm certain that they mixed it up themselves in the back room, raw eggs, anchovies and all. The lettuce was chopped up nicely, and it even came with a few halved grape tomatoes. I ordered the Spinach Salad. It was dressed with a catalina type dressing and had finely chopped red onion, bacon and one tiny piece of egg. The salad was delicious, but I would have liked a little more egg.

For our meals, my friend ordered the special of the day "Callalou" and I the Delmonico au Fromage. The Callalou was ok. It had nice firm fish, but my friend thought that it was a little over cooked, and could have used some rice or something. It was $27.95, and seemed a bit over priced.

The Delmonico au Fromage on the other hand was incredible. It was probably 10oz sliced in half, plated on top of a nice blend of roasted fingerling potatoes, carrots, zucchini, peppers and yellow squash. The "au Fromage" tasted like a mixture of blue and goat cheese with perfectly browned sliced crimini mushrooms and herbs. I was very impressed. I was especially impressed that this was only $24.95!

I also had coffee. Unfortunately, they use an airpot, and it must have been there for a very long time, because although the coffee tasted ok, it was barely warm... very unfortunate for me, because I needed the heat from the coffee to loosen my lap band. That didn't work, so I ended up bringing most of my steak home, which is fine. I'll have it for dinner tonight.

All in all it was a very good meal. Total cost with 20% gratuity - $121.00.

Not bad considering that the beverages made up $25 of that.

The ambiance in the place was ok. Unfortunately there was tile on the floor, and tin on the walls, and while it does look nice, it was horribly loud. My friend and I could not hear each other unless we leaned in, and we were constantly saying "what?" when the other spoke. That was the only downside.