Saturday, February 5, 2005

Doctor... I don't need no stinkin doctor - From my LJ Blog

Feb. 5th, 2005 @ 06:07 pm Doctor... I don't need no stinkin doctor

Well, yeah I did. It started Wednesday, I wasn't feeling quite right. Not that hungry (That should say it all right there!). I started getting a sore throat on Thursday, but I worked all day anyway. By Friday I was having trouble breathing, and I had bad pain on the right side of my chest when breathing deeply or coughing, my voice was mostly gone. Plus there was the little fact that I had been coughing up green stuff for the last two days. Friday when I came home from work I decided to take an antibiotic leftover from last year when I hadn't taken the entire RX. I know, I know.. beleive me I've had the lecture about 25 times now. Anyway, I felt worse that night.

Saturday I woke up and the pain in my chest was even worse and there was definite breathing issues. I told Shaun that I was worried, then I called my mom. She said that it could be pneumonia and she wanted me to go to the Doctor. Well my doctor doesn't work on Saturday! I called his office and someone called back and said there was a clinic that I could go to that would accept my insurance, co pay and all, so Shaun called and they said we could come in. I was kind of leery, because insurance is so screwy, that I never trust what they say. All I know is that my co pay is $20 and if I would have gone to the emergency room it would have been $200! So off we went.

These were the NICEST people I have ever met in my life. Every one of them, from the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor. I swear I thought I was in the twilight zone.. AND they only charged me $20!

It turns out, I had bronchitis and my asthma flared up again. I haven't had asthma symptoms in 10 years. The doc says once you have it you always have it. Well that explained a lot of things for Shaun. He never knew I had asthma. So when he would tickle me and I couldn't breathe that would explain why... there are probably a million times I could have used an inhaler, but I never thought that I needed it, I just thought it was me... I don't know if this is making sense or not, but I'm so glad I went to that doctor. It's going to make my life a lot easier having this inhaler now.

He gave me the inhaler, prednizone, an antibiotic (that I have to take for ALL 10 days), and some narcotic cough medicine that tastes like ASS!

I'm backdating this because I didn't have a chance to write it in on the day, but it is now Feb 11th and I am feeling much better!


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