Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clams two ways

We went out for dinner and sort of a business meeting the other day to Bunky's in Melbourne. They are known for their raw clams and oysters. Luckily it was oyster night, so we got some. I am partial to raw clams, so we got some of those too. The oysters were ok, some of them were a little odd looking. Almost like they were frozen before, but I cannot imagine they are. The other person we were with said that every other one of hers were icky.

The clams however were teh awesome. They were small, briny, sweet and succulent. Now, as a lap band girl, I have issues eating sometimes. Usually the clams are no probelm though. Not so that night. I could.not.keep.them.down. Very annoying. So clams two ways. There you have it ;-)


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