Friday, August 21, 2009

When one door closes, another opens

How interesting that is.

Of course, you can never see the forest for the trees when you are in the situation.

Ok. Ok. I'll stop with the cliches.

Even though I knew it was best and I really was relieved at the time, losing my job really sucked. You know, the process of it. Having them call you into the "office". Having them ask for your keys. Realizing that you have to take 8 boxes of crap out of your office and put it where? Giving your fish that lived on your desk to your sister for her desk, so her daughter can say hi when she visits the Castle! Seeing your sister's face as she walks by the "office" - knowing that she knows. Thinking about how great it has been to work with her for 8 years and with some of the others for nearly 13. Having people walk by and say goodbye. Thinking about the fact that you won't get the sweet little annual christmas story card anymore - cause well that girl was laid off too. Waking up the next day and not having to go to work, but feeling like a loser. Trying to navigate the paperwork coming at you. Worrying about the amount of money in the bank.

(Image by Daquella Manera via flickr)
I felt down and out. It was a terrible blow to my self esteem.

Lo.... I'm here to tell you, things can turn around for the better sometimes faster than you think.

One person's kindness, that leads to another's kindness, that leads to giving you the opportunity to put yourself out there again.

The taste of knowing that you still have it - nothing sweeter.


(Nevermind in less than 30 days. Mwah!)


mlg said...

Okay, I am think. Have you already found a new desk to place your next fish?

P.S. Great to see you in blogger.

mlg said...

I meant THICK. Not THINK. I can't even insult myself correctly!

~lifedramatic~ said...

LOL, I thought you were trying to say you were thinking. Anyways, the answer is yes! :-)