Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

If you know me well, you know that my favorite holiday of the year is my birthday. I try to milk it all month too. Oh and it's important that you know that Valentines day is NOT the same as my birthday, and you bes not make that mistake ;-)

Anyway, my husband has this gift thing DOWN! He got me this gorgeous necklace for my birthday today, plus two awesome birthday cards. I love him so much.

Love's Embrace Birthday Necklace
I got over 45 birthday wishes on Facebook, and both my sisters, my mom, one of my aunts, MY COUSIN, MY BROTHER and GRAMMIE called me today.

I learned a few little juicy tidbits of information... Grammie (who is 84 BTW) is dating a guy named Lou, they have a set date every Thursday night - because that's the only night that she's available.  They generally go to the Moose Lodge to play games and they eat dinner there or sometimes they go out.  That's pretty cool!  He lives in the same park as Grammie.  I'm so happy for her.  I firmly believe that the best thing that she could have done after Grampy died was to move to the place she is now.  She's got a complete and full social life, and all of us around if she needs us.

The other juicy tidbit I learned today is that someone in high school had a crush on me... How CRAZY is that???  I'm seriously shocked, and flattered!  This is how it went down:

High School Guy (HSG): Charlene do you remember me from highschool?

Me: Hi HSG! I remember your name and your face, but I can't remember a lot of specifics :) But I don't remember a lot of specifics from High School... I think it's my mind protecting me ! Heehee! How have you been? Is there anything that I should remember that I don't? How come we aren't friends yet? What have you been up to?

HSG:  I was quiet and shy in highschool but had a huge crush on you . I got expelled senior year for stealing Rival School's mascot with SR lol I used to hang with JD, CJ, MS etc

Me (Truly shocked): Wow! I had no idea you had a crush on me!!!!! How come you never said anything to me? That's funny about stealing the mascot! I don't recognize J, C or M's names. I'm much better with faces though. I guess I'm going to have to dig out the yearbooks... (although I have no idea where they are!)

...and on it went from there.  He's married with three kids, and I'm married obviously.  We live thousands of miles apart.  But wow... what an ego boost.  What a crazy feeling.  I never ever thought guys in HS gave me a second look (I never dated HS guys, always guys I met at the beach or at clubs - outside my HS - usually hispanic HA!).  It was great to connect with him and hopefully we'll keep in touch.  What a strange world we live in these days.

Hope you all enjoy my birthday month as much as I am.  OH, and don't  worry... I still have to tell you about the Drag Queen Show I was surprised with last Friday night from my husband and sisters for my birthday.  Crazy fun!

Stay tuned!



Dana @ Cookin' At Cafe D said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Charlene!
Lurve the necklace!
Wow, nice job hubby :)

mlg said...

OMG I can't beleive that facebook didn't tell me it was your birthday! Happy birthday to you. It sounds like it was a great day and I am hoping you are feeling much better now!