Friday, January 9, 2009

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Totally Random

Friday, January 09, 2009, 8:17:21 AM


John has been going through some stuff from one of his TWO storage units. In one of the most recent boxes, he brought home a bottle of Joy dish soap. The same bottle that I bought at the store just two days before. The same brand that I buy whenever I go to the store and stand in front of all the dishsoap choices we have these days.

I think it is so funny we have SO much in common. Down to the dishsoap ;-)

When I was little….

When I was in Seventh grade I got my hair cut short – REALLY short. I hated it and thought I looked like a boy. I’d never had my hair cut short before, and I never have since. Sometimes I wonder how I’d look with short hair though… then I remember that awful haircut.


Sneaky kids scare me.

Was I a sneaky kid?



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~lifedramatic~ said...

Grimzeak - Jan. 9, 2009 Ahhh that is a cute story about the dishsoap

Holly - Jan. 19, 2009 THANK-YOU for that skillet lasagna recipe!

It was perfect...we had it last night & it was a huge hit! I added chopped fresh cilantro, and also mozzarella & cheddar. Mmmm, so good!