Saturday, December 18, 2010

White Mice - For Chrismouse

I'm pretty bah humbug when it comes to Christmas.  I guess it's mostly because I hate all the garbage that comes along with the holidays.  The planning, the parties, the commitments blah blah blah...

It really doesn't help when you don't have money to spend on gifts for people, when you really, really want to.

We have 20 nieces and nephews plus 3 great nieces/nephews in the family and even if we only gave them each $10 it would still be $230... that's a lot of dough for us right now.

I was talking to Summer, and she suggested that I make something... I was like yeah but...blah... and she's like what about those mice that you made a few years ago.  Those were so cute, and the kids would really get a kick out of them...  So she inspired me.  To wit:

Mice en Place (har har har) (Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Mice - First dip

Mice - Second dip plus ears

Cute little meeses

Mischief of mice!

Ready for packaging



kathys world said...

They are cute as heck Char. But I'm not that patient or inspired, so brownies it is. LOL love you tons

Thousand Word Man said...

oh, wow...i made those once for a halloween buffet at work. they're REAL cute until you have to make 500 of them!

good job!