Tuesday, January 25, 2005

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Decisions, decisions, decisions Jan. 25th, 2005 @ 07:30 pm

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It's incredible how simple decisions you make during the course of the day have the ablity to alter your life.

Take Saturday... Shaun and I go to our favorite place for lunch, a little hole in the wall Italian joint that has the best lasagna in town. We sit down, and wait, and wait and wait... 10 minutes later the "new guy" waiter still doesn't acknowledge that we exist, so we get up and leave... we go to Chili's for lunch. We're starving by now. so we order and appetizer... we never order appetizers... it turns out that these two decisions will leave us both violently ill for the next two days!

Take this morning... I leave for work, I don't take my regular route, because i'm running late and that route is more scenic than direct, so I go to the next most common route, I turn onto the main road, and boom.. traffic is stopped and it doesn't move... I make a U turn, go back the way I came, and hit the next main road... I'm waiting to turn onto US-1 from this main road and in two cars in front of me I notice the light changes tick tick tick tick.... a tractor trailer carrying a flatbed runs the light going at least 60mph, i think to myself, boy he ran that light late... my eye is following him... and he ended up hitting a big red SUV that had pulled out into the lane next to him must have just clipped him with the trailer or something... this SUV does a barrel roll and lands on it's wheels... all I can think of is the poor people in that SUV and that bastard in the big rig that nailed him. I grab for my cell phone, shaking like a leaf as I pull over and run to the SUV to see if there is anything I can do... my heart sinks, there is a carseat in the back, I hear someone saying the baby is ok, he's fine, I run around to the drivers side door, the man is turned around in his seat checking on his baby. I asked him if he was ok, he said he was hurt.. he has blood dripping from two gashes in his head. Somewhere in there I called 911.. probably with about 10 other people who saw the crash. Some men come over and help the man out of his vehicle, he sits down on the ground, one of the women has the boy in her arms, he's about 3, she's comforting him, he's shaken a bit, but not hurt. I go get a pillow from the debris that tumbled out of the car from the crash, and bring it over to him so he can lie down on the ground. I ask him if there is anyone I can call... he said he just lost his wife... I am crushed.

I recover and ask if there is anyone I can call. He says no.. he just dropped his two other children off at school... A lady comes over and says his name, takes the child.. I ask who she is, she says she is the wife's best friend... I'm so relieved, someone he knows is here.

I tell the police everything I saw, I gave the man my phone number in case he needs help. I'm so thankful that they were ok. What a terrible way to start the day.

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~lifedramatic~ said...

2005-01-26 08:13 am UTC (from (link) SelectWow, Now I'm glad I don't commute to work anymore.

You can modify your LJ here:

Depending on what styles you pick you will get different layouts

They also have a new style system (s2) that I haven't messed with much
I still use the S1 that you get to from the above link.
You can switch to the S2 here

Hope this helps
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2005-01-26 08:19 pm UTC (from (link) SelectIt's going to take some tweaking to get this how I like it I guess.

Next lesson... I figured out the little thumbnail pictures.. (In this particular "template" I find that cat highly annoying but...) How do you put the regular sized pictures, like the polar bear and penguins up?

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Re: Thanks
2005-01-27 06:29 am UTC (from (link) SelectYou can have a certain number of images hosted at LJ
Look here for more details : http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=1

What I usually do is have to have them hosted somewhere and then link using a html image tag.

Here's a link to the syntax of the image tag