Sunday, February 10, 2008

HBDTM - from

February 10


Happy Birthday to me.

My birthday celebration officially kicked off on Friday. I had flowers and cake and people at work sung HBD to me. It was wunnerful.

Friday night, we went out with a friend and checked out a new martini bar . It was very cool inside and the martinis were fantastic. I had a few... One French martini and two Surfer Dude martinis. Then we went to On Tap Cafe where I proceeded to eat something and have a dirty martini with bombay sapphire.

Yesterday I had Mom, Dad, and the two miniatures from O-town; Miss Sweet Pea and the Huggy Kisser spend the night.

Today, Dad fixed breakfast for everyone with veggies from the garden omelets and lots of bacon! Mmmmm bacon.

Now Dad is taking the Huggy Kisser fishing and Mom and I are taking Miss Sweet Pea to visit Grammie Darling and then We're going to do my favorite thing... go shopping!!!

Tonight... dinner at Chart House with my very good friend!

Tra la la la.


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