Thursday, November 25, 2010


Being as it is Thanksgiving, and being so inspired by my friend Lisa at The Cutting Edge of Ordinary, I just wanted to jot down some of the things I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband.  He is truly the light of my life and loves me like I have never been loved before.  He makes sure I know it every day, not just in his words, but in his actions.

I'm thankful for my crazy family.  They.Drive.Me.Crazy a lot of the time, but I love each and every one of them.  They are all special to me, and I would be very sad with out them*.

I'm thankful for my Cats.  Squeak and Catria have been extra loving to me at just the times when I need it.  Squeak knows me better than I know myself.  I pray that she will feel better soon, and stop getting older, because I just can't bear the thought of losing her.  Squeak has even showed her amazing loving timing to John this year, at just the moment he needed it.  I love her so much.

I'm thankful for my neighbors.  I truly cherish them, and am surprised and delighted by their generosity and kindness.

I'm thankful for my job.  I have met a very special friend and two bosses who I couldn't be happier with.  My job is challenging and just the right amount of crazy for me :)

I'm thankful for my house.

I'm thankful for the many friends I have made through blogging and online.  I am grateful for all of you.  We may not have met, but I feel a strong connection nevertheless.  I look forward to sharing a cup of coffee or a martini with you at some point in the future!

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!


* - I still reserve the right to move to Alaska!

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