Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Final Curtain

Every weekday at a food related message board I am a long time member of, a random question is posed.  This week one of the questions was "How do you picture your funeral?"

This was my answer.  Hopefully it will be a long long time from now...

I want to be buried in a beautiful cemetery that allows upright headstones (Those aren't very common in Florida for some reason). I have one in mind. My husband's mother is buried there. It's a peaceful beautiful place. I'd like to have a short wake, and a quick service followed by a party for my family to celebrate my life, it'd be really cool if they had lots of my favorite foods... I'd like a pretty headstone too... My husband's mothers is so beautiful... Carved granite with polished and raw edges.


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Ali said...

This is morbid and made me sad!