Saturday, January 15, 2011

Calling it in today

I found these awesome baby carrots at BJ's today.  I didnt' buy them, because I already have like a million pounds of carrots at home, because I keep saying I'm going to make some Carrot Ginger soup, and then I don't get around to it.

I'd love to get these for when we have guests coming to dinner*.  They'd look so cute on the plate, don't you think?


*If you haven't been invited to my house for dinner in a while it's because I haven't been much of a housekeeper and I'm at the point that sometimes I really don't give a shit.  So that's why I'm being antisocial.  Except for my parents, because my dad gets three time outs and he uses one if he mentions it and then I send his ass home, and my mom loves me and knows me and doesn't give a crap what my house looks like because I'm a kick ass bartender :)

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