Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Doo

I got my hair cut on Saturday.  A little shorter than normal, and shorter layers.  Today is Wednesday, and I'm sure that my bangs are too short, and I'm not sure that the layers are short enough.

I was driving with the sun roof open and noticed the incredibly bright grey hairs that are on top of my head.  Granted I had J at work check for me and she said there are only two, but I dunno... I feel like there are a million now.

Will get the highlights touched up in 8 weeks.  Can't wait.

S... the next time I tell you... just a little more off the bangs... please don't listen to me!  Also... must.get.eyebrows.done !

Also, John and I have this thing where we text each other when we're getting our hair done.  This is the picture I sent to him.  He said I was beautiful.  Reason #854752155 why I love him :)



Green said...

Bangs are not too short. Layers look okay - may just be the way your hair is falling that you can't see the shortest layers easily, but you could if you want shorter ones, ask them to cut in layers starting at the highest part of your jaw line.

genderist said...

I agree. It's a great haircut - the length of the bangs looks just right to me. Have you adjusted to it yet?