Monday, January 10, 2011

Catria, Cat-Tree-Uh

So here's our little cutie pie Catria.  As beautiful as she is, you would think she would be photogenic, but she is not... really... It's hard to keep her still enough, and she really hates the flash on the camera phone.  I have some awesome pictures of her with the good camera, but well I'm having a hard time getting the 3456 GB of pictures off the camera card(S) and into picasa.  Gosh that is such a PITA.  Anyway, for your viewing enjoyment, here is the beautiful Catria:

This is Catria being patient while I snap 536 pictures of her with the flash.

Action shot of her cleaning her paw, which will then clean her ear...

And then she will be verrrry tired!

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