Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Anniversary Spa Day

This year for my anniversary I went to Essentials and had a massage and a much needed facial!  My friend J went with me and she had a facial and we ate lunch together.  It was a wonderful, relaxing experience.  I did notice that it is much more wonderful and relaxing when you aren't the one paying the bill though.  I do miss those days when my boss would take us for a spa day after a particularly good quarter.  Must be something about having a female boss.  The guys I work with know barely know what a spa is, much less would they spring for a spa day.

I went and visited my mom and dad after and then went home and started to read, but ended up sleeping the rest of the day away.  I can't say I'm too happy about sleeping so much, but I guess I needed it.

Sorry for the phone in post today, but this is all I have.


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