Friday, November 2, 2012

It's only the second day

I have nothing to write about.  This is not good.  I am working on trying to get out of a funk.  I think I'm doing well.  I've listened to Christmas music twice, excuse me, three times in the last week.  I didn't even have the urge to stab anyone afterwards, this is such progress. 
My mom is going to give me her 9' tall Christmas tree, because it won't fit in her new house.  I'm very excited about this.  It's prelit.  This is the bomb y'all.  I absolutely hate putting lights on the tree, and taking them down is worse.  I hate it so much I'm willing to put up a fake tree!  Don't worry, I'll get plenty of Christmas scented candles,! :)

Right now I am waiting for my friend to bring me back something for lunch.  I was just talking to some people the other day about how I should be making better choices... oops, I said the should word...  ummmm I was just talking to some people the other day about how I have the option to make better choices when it comes to what i'm eating.  Lets just say that for lunch today, I failed.  I mean, ummm... I chose to make a bad choice?  heh.

Am I the only loony out there that has been listening to Christmas music since before November 1st?  Please tell me there are more of us out there, or tell me I'm loony.  I don't care.  Is anyone still reading this thing, is this thing on??  Bueller?


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