Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Are there any readers out there.  What books are you reading.  I’ve almost lost track now.  I have to refer to my account at Goodreads.com… be right back.
I have currently started reading the following books:

started on November 07, 2012

started on November 15, 2012

started on October 30, 2012

p. 48 of 376 (13%)

started on September 29, 2012

started on September 29, 2012

started on September 13, 2012

p. 15 of 288 (5%)

started on August 29, 2012



My plan is to finish at least one of these this weekend.  Wish me luck!  What are you reading?


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What's next said...

How was Just like you only prettier? Of course, the first one on the list about talking to teens is prob. what I need to be reading. I haven't had time for a book lately but am ready for a good read.