Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Warrior

My weekend started off great, we went out with friends whom we set up on a blind date.  Cutie Pie (CP) is a long time friend of mine and Mr. Nice Guy (MNG) is a long time friend of John’s.  CP and I started off at her house with a bottle of wine.  Which turned into two, only because I brought a Riesling and she didn’t like it and so she opened a bottle of pinot grigio.  We had a couple glasses while she got ready, and she loaned me a smaller purse and some earrings, since I hadn’t come prepared, as per usual.  We eventually made our way downtown and stopped in at Off the Traxx which is an ok bar with ok bar food.  I crave the fried green beans though and the crabcakes were unique in that they were made with mozzarella cheese.  They were awesome.

We had a pretty spectacular night, and CP and MNG hit it off and seem to like each other.  I’m so happy for them!

Saturday J and I got up and went to get breakfast at Bob Evans, and then we picked up the car from Friday night, and we came home and started picking up the house.  We got a few things done and then watched some TV and went to dinner at our favorite restaurant – Squid Lips.  The food was great as always, and the drinks sucked.  It’s really too bad.  We won’t order drinks from there again.  The beer isn’t cold enough and the cocktails are crazy expensive and tiny.  We stopped at Pubix to get some more marshmallows to dehydrate for our upcoming camping trip, and stuff for Sunday breakfast.

Sunday morning we cooked bacon, eggs and toast.  We tried the eggland’s best cage free eggs, and we definitely noticed a difference in the flavor and consistency of the egg, especially the yolk.  We watched Harry Potter and went on to lunch and run some more errands.  It was a great weekend with just the right mix of hanging with friends and getting to spend one on one time with my honey.


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